Terrorist threats at Eurovision 2016


In early May, the next international Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will take place in Sweden. But info on possible terrorist acts is casting gloom over the festive events. European Union Institute for Security Studies has published a report according to which Islamic terrorists plan to execute several assaults at public gathering places during the Contest. The article includes the opinion of the European Counter Terrorism Centre (ECTC) experts who believe that security measures of Stockholm are inadequate for the existing threats. The ECTC calls for strengthening of control over migrants who keep arriving in Sweden as well as migrants who are already in the country. Unfortunately, the report is not available via the link at present moment. The Institute officials couldn’t be reached for comments. But according to new information, the report was removed after the request of Sweden’s Foreign Ministry that was dissatisfied with dissemination of the state’s classified data.

It is worth noting that Swedish security services repeatedly came into the focus of scandals lately, involving their failures in the fight against terrorism. Therefore, if the info is true, the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 may become the most tragic event of this year.



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