Atlas is unsheathing his sword

Amid the alarming news on Turkish effort to beef up its strike force on the border with Syria, the reports on sending military units of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE and Qatar for participation in the ground operation in Syria only continue to instigate tensions in the region. This is also the case with the information on Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei joining the Sunni coalition. According to some rough estimates, the coalition will be able to get no less than 150,000-strong military force involved into the ground operation in Syria. This actually adds meat to the anxiety of those who is now predicting WWIII. And this war scenario has two basic drives one of which is a covert one while the other one is quite evident.

The obvious reason is the religious war between Sunnis and Shiites. It started nearly 14 centuries ago between the fourth Caliph Ali, ‘the rightly-guided one’, and the governor of Shaam (Syria) Muawiya, the founder and the first Caliph of the Umayyads Dynasty. This war, though with some intervals, is going on nowadays too. Iran, the successor of the ancient Persia, is considered to be the main defender of Shiites in the world. Saudi Arabia with its radical version of Sunni Islam (Wahhabism) is trying to perform the role of the Sunni world leader now opposing Turkey in this sphere, which is surviving through the “Islamic renaissance of Erdogan” presently.

It’s worth noting that Riyadh never boasted its excessive militancy despite having in its possession quite an impressive collection of the most sophisticated armaments produced in Europe and the USA. The major weapon of the Saudis has always been the money made on oil trade. Financing of the loyal armed groupings is the favorite method of Saudi Arabia now. But recent string of events has forced the Bedouin descendants to unsheathe the sabre, blunt due to long inactiveness. The first alarm bell sounded for the Saudi Wahhabis in 2011 when the so called ‘Arab Spring’ started and Shiites, making bulk of the population in Bahrain, nearly overthrew the Sunni monarchy.

The tough reaction of Saudi Arabia followed immediately. Expeditionary corps was sent into the country and nipped the Shiite mutiny in the bud. The second wave of horror for the Saudi royalty came after the events in Yemen where the Shiite Houthi rebels established their dominance in most parts of the country. Riyadh declared full blockade of Yemen then, started bombing its territory and even dispatched its ground forces there (with no evident success though).

Still major challenge for the Wahhabi Riyadh is its own Shiite minority making up to 10-15% of the total number of the country’s population. Their traditional areas of residence are located in the eastern part of the country in provinces bordering Iraq, Kuwait and the Persian Gulf. The key problem is that the Shiites live exactly in the regions where the bulk of the Saudi oil is being extracted. The recently executed pro-Iranian Shiite preacher Nimr al-Nimr instigated them to fight not only for equal rights but autonomy from Saudi Arabia as well (also considering both religion and oil).

Thus, Saudi elite views the battle for Sham (Syria) as of crucial importance not only for the Kingdom but for the whole Sunni movement, dominating in Islam since the Battle of Siffin (657 CE).

As for Iran, it is obsessed with the idea of creating the ‘Shiite belt’ under its protectorate. The neighboring Iraq is now de-facto divided into three parts – the Kurds, the Shiites and the Sunnis. Iran is set to rely on ruling Alawites in establishing its control over the Shiite part of Iraq and, further on, over the most territory of Syria. Control over Iraq and Syria opens for Iran the corridor into Lebanon, where the southern regions and parts of Beirut are under dominance of Hezbollah radical Shiites. Those lands are to be chains of the Shiite belt from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

Add here the above mentioned Iran, constantly undermining stability in Bahrain where the Shiite majority is already opposing the ruling Sunni minority. Iran is also encouraging to mutiny the Saudi Arabia Shiites. If the regime of ayatollahs manage to create on these lands some space really subordinate to Teheran, they will actually keep under their control major part of the world’s oil deposits.

Needless to say that such a frame of power in the region doesn’t fully fit the agenda of another regional key player Israel. The rumors have been circulating over several years about some secret agreements between Riyadh and Tel-Aviv on jointly opposing Teheran. The current attempt of Teheran to widen its area of influence in Syria may become a trigger for the long ago loaded Israeli gun. And it’s necessary to keep it in mind that old standing rivals of Israel among the Arab states are unlikely to rush for defense of the Iranian ‘heretics’. Say, Egypt is surviving through the period of its economy restoration after the revolutionary chaos… and it’s relying on the money of Saudi Arabia. The same source of financial aid is now involved in the intense rearmament of the army and naval forces of Egypt. In other words, the strategic alliance of Egypt and Saudi Arabia has fully materialized.

Now, what about pulling the wires? The bomb into the foundation of the Islamic world was planted long ago, during the colonial epoch when the process of ‘cutting’ boundaries was going on. The old divide and rule wisdom has been assimilated brilliantly by Anglo-Saxon civilization, and is still being successfully employed. Are you in the know, for instance, that Vice President Joe Biden is actually the author of the draft bill relating the federative state structure for the Republic of Iraq? On September 26, 2007, American Senate supported such a state structure for Iraq passing the relevant resolution based on the bill. One should absolutely lack brain not to see the stupidity of the idea to establish de-facto three quasi states instead of one independent Iraq.

Similar picture is now being painted with blood in Syria. Assad is being cornered actually, forced to state independence only for Alawistan, while the rest of the territory is to be torn into pieces according to the imposed curves. Anyway, this is only a piece of the huge geopolitical mosaic.

Now, there are lots of things yet to happen. Grandiose massacre to annihilate the ‘excessive’ Islamic passionaries; the flooding of Europe with belligerent migrants able via the cultural shock to reanimate the moldy far right (fascist) paradigm of ‘white man’ power; the force majeure cancelling of the enormous external debt; overloading of stagnating Atlantic economy by huge military spending; ultimate subduing of civil liberties under the motto of ‘global war on Islamism’; abolishment of the UN the way The League of Nations was abolished; the establishment of the global Anglo-Saxon domination, and many more interesting things. The military-industrial complex of the USA has already earned dozens of billions of dollars due to supplies of military equipment and weapons to the region getting ready for the big war. Now, add here more pending profits – the caring restoration of the infrastructure ruined by war will come very costly. Those states or quasi-states of the Middle East regions who’ll manage to survive in the fire of the coming war face the status of the Atlantic civilization’s tributaries and perpetual debtors.

I mean not only the United States of America in the context but refer rather to ‘Atlantic’ or ‘Anglo-Saxon’ civilization. Why so? I think it would be interesting for the readers to learn more about the role of Great Britain in the future ‘great repartition’.

Firstly, you should stay fully aware of the fact that despite the democratic façade, mentally the British society is still a feudal one. It’s a unique state where the social weight of an individual is defined not by his abilities and merits, but rather his pronunciation. Secondly, despite the ostensible disregard to the former metropolitan country, American political, financial and industrial elites, deep inside, feel colossal respect towards that medieval insular debris. Thirdly, Great Britain which occupied its position behind the back of the USA after WWII has experienced only some image losses since then. And now again London is going to have the gains of the ‘big Atlantic provocation’ without giving a penny, leaving it for Washington mainly to pay the huge bill for its realization.

If it works, we are going to witness the birth of a new Atlantic, or to be more exact, of an old colonial world order on a new technological base. This time ‘the race of white masters’ will differ from the enslaved natives not only by the skin color but also by having the possibility of its renewal, by different life expectancy, and, most importantly, they will stay absolutely free of even minor limits dictated by Christian ethics. In Afghanistan, those brave G.I.s have already been caught red handed in collecting the fashioned skulls of the locals. And the fashioned skulls of Syrians may soon serve sort of cocktail glasses for white ladies at some vampire bloody parties in elite clubs for the Golden Billion. It’s going to be such a new version of Babylon based on a mixture of cyber and nano-technologies and ‘humanity’ of the Assyrian Empire.


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