The reason why Europeans should bother about Moldova

To tell the truth I associate Moldova with negative things, just like many other Europeans do. These are communists, poverty and gypsies. Such a feast has been situated practically on the European territory! Besides just look at modern Ukraine with its civil war and cosmic external debt, which it doesn’t intend to repay. Its pattern must be enough to start making efforts for maintaining economic and political stability in other troubled countries of the ex-Soviet space.

This is the prior aim of EU government. Thus the Moldova – EU Association Agreement was signed on summer 2014. It included the creation of a free-trade zone and aid in the accomplishment of anti-corruption measures, the reforming of justice system and financial and banking sector. Surely there also would be military cooperation treaty if only the new ‘Moldovan Maidan’ hadn’t broken out.

During the previous year Moldovan people eloquently had been expressing its discontent with authorities. The Moldovans demanded retirement of the corrupted government, the return of stolen money and the effective fulfillment of Eurointegration schedule, just like Ukrainians did in 2013. But the Moldovans did it in a civilized way, without any violence, or victims, or nationalist slogans. Such a behavior showed that they’ve been more ready for EU cooperation, than Ukraine is.

This very civility and lack of violence regardless of handpicked mismatching company of protesters, including antifascists, socialists and communists dissatisfied the USA. Unlike Europeans, who would be glad to smooth-running neighbor able to solve his inner problems by peaceful and democratic means, America has been striving to create another Ukraine. It’s no surprise that ‘Moldovan Maidan’ has been lingering on for almost a year and that the new wave of protests in Chisinau “has been coincided in time” with the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland’s visit to Romania, known as ‘a lady with patties’ after the French movie by Paul Moreira.

This lady is really fearsome. You can make prognosis map of popular protests places by her moving over the East European space. It turns out that “Romania and the United States have programs for support of Moldova’s security, like NATO has, too.” Also she said that this government forming in Chisinau must return “to negotiations with the IMF” and European-like reforms and told that Romania and the USA are ready to render “immediate humanitarian assistance as well as <…> long-term political and economic support and cooperation in the energy sphere.”

In other words, for some reason America considers itself being entitled to give directions to the EU member on further interfering into inner affairs of a state, which has not any common borders with the USA and is situated in another continent at all. As rightly been said by the former Moldovan PM Ion Sturza, Americans dictatorially bound Romania to sponsor the stabilization of Moldova, meanwhile no sensible European would dare to address this problem.

However it seems that it’s a pleasure for Bucharest. There is a pan-nationalistic idea of the return of so-called Greater Romania popular among Romanian politicians and stirred by their American masters. It lies in the re-creation of the country in its bounds between 1918 and 1940.


As we can see, the Romanians know on which side bread is buttered and their imperial designs match American ones. It is small wonder that they gained understanding so easily.

In those plans the Moldovan absorption tops the list. In fact Romania has been making efforts since 1992 appealing on a point of language, ethnic and religious unity of those two nations. Thus owing to efficient propaganda, suddenly 23.2% of Moldovan citizens considered themselves to be Romanians. However this ethnic minority hardly ever reached 2% of Moldovan population before.


One of the most outrageous actions by Bucharest was unauthorized mass granting of Romanian passports to the Moldovans, which started in 2009 and lasted until early 2014. That time Europe faced a threatening possibility that Romania would spontaneously assimilate the state with extremely backward economic unfit to European standard and that at once EU would obtain additional excuses for confrontation with Russia and troubles with Transnistria.

Besides, Moldova is a multiethnic country, whereas Romania is a state of a single nation (more than 90% of population) with strong nationalist sentiments. Using the example of Novorussia we’ve had an opportunity to witness the result of national minority voicing a discontent with shift of power in such country. This is horror of civil war with numerous civilian casualties, an eye-watering humanitarian disaster and mass exodus of population to neighbor countries.

It is most scaring that all those things are accomplishable INSIDE the European Union at the instigation of American ‘well-wishers’. It’s enough afterwards to put a brave face and declare that they are utterly innocent. Of course, the key is to say magic words “categorically false” accusation and “closer ties with Moscow”. Then all Europeans should run in panic crying for mercy and supplicating protection of mighty Americans. For sure the Rescue Rangers would come to help generously placing new bases and missiles in the territory of the European Union.

They would do everything for the European welfare. We don’t understand what is good for us and make attempts to resent and protest. What ungrateful we are!

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