The European refugee crisis has been going on

There is a great amount of opinions and articles written about migrant crisis in Europe. However this issue remains crucial. Thus  questions about anti-refugee sentiment in Europe are asked frequently in Quora. In addition, yesterday I saw this outrageous video
That is why I wanted to express my opinion once more.
Mass  migration is caused by conflicts in the Middle East. Those armed hostilities seem to never end. No wonder that huge waves of civilians run from the war to the nearest prosperous countries.
Europeans weren’t prepared to such a crowd of bearers of values and culture so different from European they have to feed and give a home. Also there is a number of criminals, outcasts and merely antisocial persons among refugees. It could be few of them. But their behavior discredits all people seeking for asylum.
At the same time mainstream editions add fuel to the fire. For instance, this is the Daily Mail Online European migrant crisis news collection Migrant and Refugee Crisis News from Syria and Europe | Daily Mail Online Most of them contain anti-immigration rhetoric.
Thus we shouldn’t surprise when hundreds of videos like this one appear. And yes, European authorities still show their feebleness and incompetence in dealing the mass refugee problem.

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