Afghanistan. ISIS. Opuim. What has that to do with America?

While the world makes efforts fighting Daesh in Syria and hunting for their terrorists over Europe, those Islamist criminals entrenched themselves in Afghanistan, under the very American nose. Al Jazeera issued 50-minute video report about ISIS brainwashing children at Afghan school in Nangarhar province. Here is a fragment of it:

This is the very Nangarhar province famous with its poppy fields. nangarhar opium harvesting

Nangarhar opium harvesting

Now ISIS feels at home there. No wonder that the State Department still has no plan to combat Afghan drug trafficking in spite of taxpayers $8,4 billion spent on counter-drug efforts in Afghanistan. At the best case they merely don’t control situation. But it is more like that the State Dept. officials have their fair share of this lucrative business.

Judge for yourself:

In July 2000 the Taliban banned poppy farming, so that the production of opium dropped to 185 tons per year. After the start of U.S. military operation in raised at once to 2,700 tons in 2002 and reached its peak of 8,200 tons in 2007.

Now it seems that the great part of this production is seized by great American friends from Daesh. If they came to schools, they have an army of most rightless and most exploited people of Afghanistan – kids. And besides armed conflicts, the most commonly used worst form of child labour in the country is the trafficking of drugs.

This is just my modest opinion, but I will never believe that not a single American official or military commander has anything to do with it. We’ve read such revelations by John F. Abbotsford, a 38-year old Afghan war veteran, also former CIA agent right this September


They fight cannabis remedies defending interests of big pharmaceutical corporations,  but don’t mind to put a finger in a poppy pie when it comes to their own wealth.

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