USAID Mission may be concerned with military coup d’état attempt in Tajikistan

All details of the military coup d’état attempt that early September was engineered by former Tajik Deputy Defense Minister Abdulhalim Nazarzoda will hardly be disclosed to the public. But bits and pieces of information that get leaked to the Internet give us the chance to suggest that American Human Rights Agency (USAID) has taken a hand in the failed coup of the general.

A while ago, part of the Report on Cooperation with Missions in the Region drafted by the USAID Uzbekistan Country Office Director John P. Riordan was made public.

(I saw it here)

On the basis of this letter’s content one can make a conclusion that USAID previously used the potential of the local secret services to interact with the Agency’s Missions in other countries of the region with the consent of the government of Uzbekistan, which was done obviously to organize mass actions for the good for the US leadership including the recent Tajikistan events that Mr. Riordan characterizes as a total failure. However, the situation changed radically after the USAID decided to make the very Uzbekistan more democratic and the special services started ‘jeopardizing the Agency’s strategy in the region’.

The author of the report calls upon his head office to abandon attempts to put pressure on Tashkent urgently and to soften the rhetoric as it creates a danger for the entire network of USAID Missions in the region.

The only question at issue is at what moment Karimov’s services stop being needed, and there is an attempt to oust him from the political arena they way it was with Emomali Rahmon.

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