The travelling circus road tour runs on

The regular guest performance of the joint troupe started in Ukraine last year. The sponsors of the show decided to carry on a repeat run of the famous performance in view of previous massive success of the Maidan-show 2004.maydan_3

The general crowd puller has already gained Ukrainian citizenship and the governor’s office in the administration of Odessa region by order of his university buddy Petro Poroshenko. Ukrainian audience caught their breath looking forward a miracle. And the first magic tricks have already been displayed. For a start the newly appointed governor of Odessa region showed up with his “smart initiative” of “eliminating positions of no sense” to annually save 4.1 mln hryvnia. As far as I know after the Rose Revolution Saakashvili embarked upon his career of Georgian president with similar reforms. In the context of corruption therapy the number of ministries was then reduced from 18 to 13, departments – from 52 to 34; and the number of employees was reduced by 35-50%.”

The “democratic style” of president Saakashvili’s governance has been well captured by ex-state minister for conflict resolution issues and a talented filmmaker Goga Khaindrava in his 55-minute documentary “Beacon of Democracy”. No wonder that up till now fellow-countrymen of the former president have been chasing up him to express in full their assessment of his deeds.

Now Saakashvili has been delivering the benefit of his reforms to citizens of Ukraine. Moreover in December, 2014, Georgians opened CAPS, the Civil and Political School for training future Ukrainian leaders in the Western educational style. Further, Saakashvili brought into Ukraine his devoted associates who used to form his inner political circle in Georgia. They are to share their experience with Ukrainian colleagues now. There is ex-minister of health of Georgia 2008-2010 Alexander Kvitashvili, former acting minister of internal affairs 2012 Eka Zguladze-Glucksmann, former Georgian Deputy Prosecutor-General Davit Sakvarelidze and ex-governor of Imereti region of Georgia Gia Getsadze.

The team gathered is rather well experienced. All of them have got degrees of various American Universities and work in “Western style”. Their recent offices in Ukrainian Government hardly differ from their previous Georgian ones. No wonder that the current Ukraine’s Minister of Economy and Trade Aivaras Abromavičius with his Soros sponsored education at Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) blends in with the troupe perfectly.

What is the next destination of the famous fit-up company? There are still so many countries ignorantly denying the light of US Democracy and staying unaware of how sweet the feeling of pending freeloading may be. Are they going to take along the local circus branch now giving performances only in Ukraine, hit and miss? Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Yushchenko, Timoshenko, Klitschko, all of them are talented circus artists too. It is quite amusing to watch their magic tricks and sideshows, in which they give European neighbors, greedy for gas and debt repayments, the gate. At the same time they manage to snatch more loans (, Also according references of Ukrainians, Klitschko is a hilarious stand-up comedian.

However the education of Ukrainian amateurs isn’t good enough. Their international fame is manifested in Klitschko’s boxer career and German Cross of the Order of Merit, Yulia’s European awards and Yushchenko’s second wife. But we can’t know what the future holds. It may bring more luck. The Ukrainian circus has already obtained worldwide fame. Those performers were noticed and treated according to their merits by European leaders and American politicians. It’ll be no wonder at all if Ukrainian wonder boys and girls show off their talents again, somewhere in Moldova or Kyrgyzstan, and the troupe manage to recruit more new actors.

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