Ukraine got up Shrove Tuesday


This piece is a sort of tribute to the popular wisdom and folklore. For when the world goes mad, and logic fades in comparison… no, just fades and dies, this is folklore you appeal to.

An old Dutch proverb runs, ‘A cheeky person owns half the world’. For sure no other claimants to the NWO establishing would allow Ukrainians to hit at half the world. However Europe has started to taste first-hand the popular wisdom about Ukraine working. Consider a 19 May “draft Law on granting to the Government of Ukraine a right to impose a moratorium on repayment of external debts”

On the whole the more Europeans get to know the original Ukrainian nature, the more vividly the cultural exchange with Ukrainian neighbours is going on. It occurs that either Poles, or Russians, or Belarussians, or Baltics have got their jokes and proverbs about Ukrainian greed. They consider that asking Ukrainian to lend you some snow in winter is like trying to get blood from a stone. Instead those smart guys would sell a piece of lard for no less than the suitcase of dollars to their Belarussian friends. The Ukrainian would bite each apple if he wouldn’t be able to eat them all.


Where the Ukrainian passed, two Jews wouldn’t find any profit. And from the latest inventions, “the khokhol (= vulg Ukranian) would take a kopeck for gas but hryvnya for trans,” and “what is gas for European, that are stealings for Ukrainian.”

We were puzzled and even scandalized with EU newcomers’ regular jape over the freedom-loving Nation rising from the knees before. Now the entire Slavic and Baltic folklore about Ukrainian laziness, greed and love for freebies has been come into fruition. I’ve already heard a famous German joke about Poles, recomposed about Ukrainians,
“– What do you call it when 2 Whites are pushing a car?” “- White Power” “-What do you call it when 2 Blacks are pushing a car?” “- Black Power” “-What do you call it when 2 Ukrainians are pushing a car?” “- Grand theft auto”

As a matter of fact as any civilized “Western” people, Europeans initially greeted and encouraged by all their means such laudable strive for “nezalyezhnost” (i.e. independence) coming from those downtrodden and oppressed goblins of Cossack outlaws.
(Monument “the Cossacks” called popularly “Goblins”. Holaya Pristan, Ukraine)

Such European support inspired Verkhovna Rada to demonstrate that the Great Ukraine is entirely independent of EVERYTHING, including international law, and economic and financial relations. As rehashed Ukrainian joke says,
“- Do you want us to repay all debts?” “- Why not” “– Not is not. As you wish.”

And according to another ancient Ukrainian proverb, routinely those are guilty who aren’t at home. This time they are Russian and European creditors. The last ones were also hinted that there is crisis in the country. But there won’t any default declared. Otherwise IMF would be deprived of the pleasure to aid us, so poverty-stricken and miserable ones. However, no debts would be repaid, courtesy of Rada. According to the latest passed law everything is fair. Now good people, some charity would be welcomed, about $25 bln, no more in the meantime. And $30 bln of old debt no matters. Forgive and forget.


The trouble is that Ukrainian noble people eat too much. Europe would never manage to feed those great persons. And it’s hardly thinkable to make such bulk to work. It’s no coincidence another Ukrainian saying runs that “one ploughs and seven others wave with spoons in their hands.”

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